4 restaurants that you need to try when in Japan

4 restaurants that you need to try when in Japan

Japan is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Not only about the beauty of the country, additionally there are interesting cultural and culinary diversity in Japan. Japanese cuisine is certainly very well known throughout the world. Everywhere we can find Japanese restaurants. During this time Japanese food is always known for its beautiful appearance in a simple way of making. The most famous Japanese food is usually like sushi, tempura, ramen, and so on. If you are visiting Japan, of course you want to taste Japanese food in the best restaurants at affordable prices. Here are some restaurants that you must try while in Japan.

4 Top Restaurant List in Japan that you need to visit

1. Ootoya
If you are in the Shibuya area, try to visit this restaurant. Ootoya is known as a restaurant with Japanese cuisine packages. The food packages provided are usually like yongeton (pork loin package or pork waist) with quality pork ingredients at a price of 895 yen including tax. There is also a grilled chicken salad basil package for 700 yen. The menu choices are numerous and the location of the restaurant is also very strategic near Shibuya Station.

2. Yayoiken
If you want to eat large portions, maybe Yayoiken is suitable for you to visit. This restaurant provides dishes that are usually provided in Japanese homes. There is a ginger grilled package for 630 yen, a karaage package for 780 yen, and so on. Here, you can add rice to your heart’s content. This place is also open long enough from 5am to 3am. If you want breakfast here, you can try a Medamasho package which contains rice, tofu, misoshiru and eggs.

3. Densetsu no Sutadon
Sutadon is a large bowl of rice with pork added with a special sauce made of garlic. If you want to taste this one, please visit Densetsu no Sutadon. The sauce used in Densetsu no Sutadon contains garlic which can increase appetite. In addition to the sutadon menu, this restaurant also provides other menus such as salads (salt) of sutadon with saltiness, niku yasai raisu or vegetable meat rice with stir-fried vegetables on top, and so on.

4. Nabezo
When visiting Nabezo, you can enjoy boiled sukiyaki with sweet salted sauce, shabu-shabu (boiled vegetables and meat in a pan using vegetable extract soup and oxtail), and uma kara kimchi nabe (authentic kimchi with spicy miso, and vegetable extract soup). In addition, this restaurant also provides an all you can eat package where you can enjoy vegetables and meat as much as you like.

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