Famous Restaurant that you need to know in Asia

Famous Restaurant that you need to know in Asia

When visiting another country, of course you want to taste the typical cuisine of the country. Starting from the sidewalk to the restaurant, there are a variety of typical culinary that can be tried. Some people choose to try the best restaurants in a vacation destination. In Asia alone, there are various famous restaurants that you must visit when visiting. These famous restaurants are included in the list of the 50 best restaurants in Asia. The food served is very diverse ranging from Asian specialties and other traditional foods. If you feel curious and curious, here is a review of famous restaurants in Asia.

Asia’s Famous Restaurant that you definitely need to visit

In the first position of the best restaurant in Asia, the name Gaggan cannot be disputed. This restaurant is an Indian restaurant located in Bangkok. Now Gaggan is still in the first position as the best restaurant in Asia. With the appointment of Gaggan as the best restaurant in Asia, it is now four years in the top position. While in the second and third positions, there are restaurants in Tokyo. Den and Florilege this time in second and third positions. While Suhring and Nahm who are former champions, dropped to fourth and fifth.

One Indonesian restaurant, also made it into the list of 50 best restaurants in Asia. Locavore, which is located in Ubud, managed to climb one rank after being at number 22. Locavore is famous for providing authentic Indonesian food. Tourist  who want to eat at this place must make a reservation before lunch. The menu provided is very typical and supported with a relaxed atmosphere. Some foreign tourists who had eaten at Locavoer claimed to be satisfied with the food served. Everything is in accordance with the price paid here. Of course we must be proud because the Locavore restaurant can be included in the list of the best restaurants in Asia.

In Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list, many familiar names and new players enter this time. For example, Il Ristorante – Luca Fantin in Tokyo. Then there are also the names TocToc in Seoul, Shoun Ryugin in Taipei, and Neighborhood in Hong Kong. This list of famous and best restaurants in Asia does not stop there. There is also a La Cime star restaurant in Osaka, ranked 17th. If you visit these Asian countries, don’t hesitate to visit the best restaurants. Not only about the dishes that you will pay, but also feel a pleasant atmosphere that is not necessarily found elsewhere.

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