Sensational Summer Cocktail the Daiquiri

Sensational Summer Cocktail the Daiquiri

Well, I can’t rightly say “sensational” in the way of “new and exciting” since daiquiris date back to a time when the British started colonizing all up and down the Caribbean. Indeed, the lime in this drink would have provided crucial vitamin C to prevent scurvy. But, they really are sensationally refreshing!

Now, most of the time you only see daiquiris with the word “strawberry” attached. Even when you do see a good old lime daiquiri on a menu, it’s often blended with ice.

I really don’t care for those overly sweetened, icy, blended drinks. I always feel stuffed and on the verge of going into diabetic shock after one of those. I even avoid those strangely flavored margaritas. I’m no fun in that department, but I swear to you that I make up for it in other ways! But a real, honest daiquiri is a lovely thing. It’s also the kind of cocktail a beginner could make with ease and finesse.

Really, people I meet who have just started experimenting with liqueurs are either too gung-ho (mixing everything available together to make something too strong and too… yuck) or they’re too timid and make something watery and dull.

You really can’t mess up a daiquiri. It’s about finding a balance of taste– between your personal taste for sweetness and tartness. Cole Porter, my most favorite musical theatre composer, was known to send his daiquiris back to the bar several times to add more sugar or lime as needed. There are many reasons why this drink has such a presence and why it has an enduring devotion. The big selling-point for me is that it is one of the ideal party cocktails for a host (or hostess) to prepare. Simply mix your rum, lime juice, and sugar together in a pitcher and set in the coldest part of your refrigerator (or freezer!) and then wait until guests to arrive to pour over ice and serve– no tedious measuring while trying to entertain. Try one of these gorgeous, simple little things out and see if you ever go back to those oozing frozen drinks ever again!

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